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Q: What is the difference between purchase, lease-to-own and rental?
A: Purchasing involves buying a new instrument outright. This is the most economical option in the long run if you are certain your child will stick with their instrument.

When leasing-to-own, you are given a new instrument and after an origination fee and 12 monthly payments you own the instrument. You can return the instrument at any point during the lease with no further obligation.

Renting an instrument involves the least amount of money. You are given a used instrument and pay a flat fee per semester or per chosen period. If you return the instrument before the end of the given semester/period there is no pro-rated refund. We do not sell rental instruments at the end of the rental term and there is no rental credit applied towards a purchase of any kind. If you would like to accumulate credit towards ownership, we recommend that you take advantage of our lease-to-own program.

Q: I have been renting a used instrument from you. Can I apply rental credit towards the purchase of my instrument?
A: No. We do not sell our rental instruments. If you are not sure you want to purchase, but want to accumulate credit towards owning an instrument, we recommend you lease-to-own. When leasing, you can return your instrument at any time with no further obligation.

Q: My child has outgrown his/her stringed instrument. Do you accept trade-ins?
A: Yes, we accept trade-ins on all instruments purchased from us. The amount of the credit depends on the condition of the instrument when given back to us. If you are out of state, you are responsible for all shipping costs back and forth.

Q: I just placed my instrument order. When will it arrive?
A: We usually ship orders within 24-48 hours via FedEx with a signature required. You will be emailed a tracking number so that you can know exactly when to expect your instrument.

Q: I am interested in finding out what brand and/or model number you are advertising on your website.

A: We are more than happy to provide you with this information. Please email your request and we will respond promptly with information on the brand, model and specifications of the instrument in question.

Q: Can I rent/lease an instrument without giving you my credit card information?
A: No, we require credit card information for all of our rental/leases. If you prefer to pay by check rather than have your credit card charged, you can mail us your rental/lease fee BEFORE the 1st of the month and your card will not be charged. Otherwise, credit cards are charged on the 1st of the month.

Q: When will my credit card be charged?
A: Credit cards are charged between the 1st and 3rd of each month. For the first month of rental/lease your card will be charged as soon as the instrument is given to you. A $10 late fee will be charged for every period that electronic payment cannot be acquired by the due date as a result of a cancelled or rejected credit card. You are responsible for supplying updated credit card information.

Q: What is the "origination fee"?
A: The origination fee is a one-time fee that is charged with, and in addition to, the first installment payment of your Lease-to-Own agreement. This fee covers instrument set-up, processing, lease contract filing and finance charges.

Q: What is the damage protection?
A: You may choose to purchase damage protection for an additional $3-$5/month, depending on the instrument. This covers any repair of damage which may occur to your instrument during the lease period, except for that which is determined by String Season to be caused by blatant negligence. Theft or loss of the instrument or bow is not covered under damage protection. Strings themselves are also not covered with this plan. Damage protection is non-refundable.

Q: Is there a way I can avoid paying the origination fee?
A: You can avoid paying the origination fee by purchasing the instrument outright. The damage protection plan is not available for outright purchases but your instrument will come with a limited one-year warranty on structural defects.

Q: My child is enrolled in the Children's Music Workshop program. How do I get the instrument from you?
A: All instrument rental/leases through Children's Music Workshop will be delivered to your child's school office for the music teacher to bring to your child's first class.

Q: My instrument keeps falling out of tune? What do I do?
A: Please don't try to attempt to tune instruments yourself. This could damage the instrument if you are not careful. Your teacher can take care of this at your next class.

Q: My child dropped the instrument and it needs repair work.
A: If any damage occurs to your instrument during the rental/lease period, please inform us immediately. E-mail or call us about the problem and we will fix the problem as soon as possible. If you have purchased damage protection for your instrument you will not be charged for repairs. If you do not have damage protection you will be charged for necessary repairs.

Q: Is there a penalty if my child loses interest in the instrument and I only end up renting/leasing for a couple of months?
A: No, there is no penalty for early returns. You may return the instrument at any time with no further obligation.

Q: How do I return the instrument to you?
A: You can make an appointment with us at any time to drop off the instrument. If you are involved with Children's Music Workshop, you can leave it in the front office of your school to be picked up. You are responsible for informing us when you have returned your instrument.

Q: When will you stop charging my credit card?
A: Charges to your credit card will stop when we confirm you have returned the instrument (if renting) or when you have completed all 12 payments of your Lease-to-Own program.

Q: Do you pro-rate the rental/leases for the 1st and last months?
A: No, we do not pro-rate any months. No refunds will be given for early return of the instrument before the end of any 30-day period.

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